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Get a seasoned 🚀 Head of Growth for $5k / month

You don’t need to hire an expensive, full time Head of Growth. Get 80% of the value for a fraction of the cost.
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🎯 What I can help you with?

I’m a Head of Growth with a decade of experience growing startups ranging from $0 to $100M in revenue. I’m an expert at coming up with growth ideas and strategies to build growth engines. I can find out which growth channels are likely to succeed for your startup, and tell you exactly how to build them.

✅ Strategy expertise

✅ Team mentorship

✅ Build new growth channels

✅ Copy that converts

🧠 Strategy
  • Growth ideas
  • Actionable plans
  • Feedback and advising
🌱 Mentorship
  • Growth/marketing team coaching
  • Personal development
  • Ongoing educational resources
🌐 Copy
  • Copy edits
  • Feedback on materials
  • Input in your company Slack
👴 Experience
  • Good judgement
  • Network of professionals
  • Skip growth learning curve

👨‍💻 My Current Work

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🪶 Head of Growth at SafetyWing Building a global social safety net. $100k → $20M | 7 → 200 people
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🚀 Creator of Heads of Growth
A newsletter where I interview a new founder/growth leader and collect into database of growth channels.

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